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BERINGER Elite Race E2 PRO Crankset

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The new generation of Race E2 (Elite 2) BMX cranksets.
Made in France, the BERINGER crankset was born from the meeting between high aeronautical technology and the BMX Race world. It has hollow 6082 aluminum cranks making them lighter while keeping their rigidity. Their know-how in mass machining with high-strength alloys has made it possible to create hollow cranks with a perfect anodized finish. It is equipped with a 24mm Chromoly hollow axle and sold with a plastic mounting block to aid assembly.


2-piece crankset
Reduced Q-factor for a better transfer of the effort, a great rigidity and nervousness
Hollow cranks CNC machined from 6082 forged aluminum
Hollow CrMo integrated steel axle with 24 mm diameter
4-point crown mounting – 104 mm* center distance
Q-Factor: 165 mm
Chain line: 42.5 mm to 43.5 mm
Coating: color anodization
Laser engraving of the logo for a very precise rendering
Delivered without 68 mm bearing housing.

170 mm / 690 gr
172,5 mm / 705 gr
175 mm / 720 gr
177,5 mm / 735 gr
180 mm / 750 gr

Press Fit 86mm bottom bracket with 24mm axle
Euro BSC/BSA 68/73mm bottom bracket with 24mm axle