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About Us

Tuah BMX Products is a in-house brand of Tuah Enterprise.

Tuah Bmx started off in 2012 as a group of racers that consisted the riders, parent support group and the aspiring childrens and it was led by Mr Azman. The group formed from the people who wants to see the future of Bmx racing grow and to be something big in the region and also mainly is their burning passion for the sport.

There wasn’t any weekend that Tuah Bmx group will not be around. Every weekends they gathered to train, race and bond. This makes them quite a big Bmx family in Singapore. Even outside of Singapore, Tuah Bmx is well known as they attended different events hosted by Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand Bmx organisation

In 2016 Tuah Bmx started to branch out to an enterprise and began to sell Bmx products to the market and started to design and manufactured their own brand of Bmx components. It was never a competition to the other existing BMX brands out there and it was solely purpose to cater to the region's riders who can't afford to get BMX stuffs overseas. Tuah BMX promise to make our products quality and yet "Mampu Milik" (in english, Affordable Price).

Finally, the meaning of Tuah derives from the meaning luck in the Malay committee and also its a name of a Malay legendary warrior Hang Tuah.

About Bmx Racing History

BMX is an abbreviation that comes from the words Bicycle Motocross. In this modern world there are many versions and types of BMX Bikes out there, from the common seen which is the park or the dirt, the flatlands or race bikes. While the differences can be very subtle its actually huge. The differences can be seen carefully from the total length of the bike, the weight, the tire sizes and many more.

BMX Racing started from the United States of America in California in the year 1960s. It was inspired from the motocross scene which was very much popular sport in the US around that decade. Hence it became an inspiration for the human-powered version.

BMX racing is a sport that offers people to start off at low cost and from there, they can build up their bikes to become something much more expensive to even more pro-level athlete builds. This instantly became a hit, especially in the California.
This started a foundation of a sanctioning body for BMX in the USA in the early 1970s. Which over the following years to come, the sport had gained it international popularity.
In the year 1993, BMX was officially recognised as a cycling sport than a motocross sport and was fully integrated to International Cycling Union a.k.a UCI. The sport had made its biggest debut in the year 2008 which was the year of Beijing Olympics and have been the most watchable sport in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.

BMX is one of the fastest and youngest cycling disciplines as compared to their counterparts like road bikes and mountain bikes.
The simple principle of the race is that eight riders would compete from a start hill on a track filled with jumps, tight bends and obstacles.

BMX Racing is a sport where kids, mum and dad even grandpa and grandma can participate in the sport too. There's a certain class of age group that the adult can join in and mostly the adult would race on a 24" (wheelbase) bmx bike. The oldest recorded rider who registered and race is a 75 years old from Australia. Final words, BMX is indeed a family sport where everyone does not need to sit on the bench.